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Secondly, the study highlights a brief history and background of the organization, emphasizing on the various stages it has passed since its inception. Similarly, its development and current success aspects are discussed.

After that, the study outlines the strategic analysis of the Akron Children Hospital paying attention to its functions, achievements, mission statements and objectives.

This part forms the largest section of the research because it highlights the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of this hospital. The section is quite important and relevant because it gives an insight on how the hospital is performing in comparison to others and its objectives. In addition, the study discusses the ethical dilemma faced in the hospital including how they handle these challenges. Lastly, the study concludes with a conclusion that provides a summary of the key issues highlighted in the study.

Hospitals are essential social amenities that are designed to offer services aimed at helping humanity and promoting social welfare. They incorporate specialized professionals and equipment that offer treatment to patients. Hospitals are also used as research centers, learning institutions, and providing home and family care Komiske, These important facilities are traced back to the era of Roman Empire and the ancient Egypt dynasty.

They continued to evolve until the early modernization and enlighten in Europe. It is in this time that the first Medical Ethics and the Code of Instates and Precepts that provided guidelines to hospitals and the entire fraternity of medical practitioners.

Currently, hospitals are basic facilities; hence, the government funds them fully or they compete in the private sector Cooper, Hospitals are divided into various categories depending on their physical appearance, nature of treatment offered, type of patients treated, private or public among other classifications. In light of this, there are types of hospitals that treat only children and offer all types of services to young humans.

Their profession categorically base on treating and educating young children on how to lead a healthy life. In addition, the study gives a snippet history of the institution and some functional areas of interests such as their marketing strategies and their operations. The hospital has approximate 78 branches in various locations across the region.

It is situated at Northeast Ohio, which is a midsized city and targets families with underage children. Northeast Ohio Medical University is a community based public institution that includes the Rootstown, Ohio, campus, eight teaching hospitals, ten associated hospitals and two health departments.

Ina day care nursery, Akron Day Nursery, culminated in the community friendly area of Akron, Ohio. A, had young women volunteer to take care of the children left by their mothers who paid the volunteer a little money. Colonel George T. The initial medical staff members constituted of Dr.

Moore and Dr. Chase and the senior most surgeons were Dr.

essay writers akron ohio menu book

Jacobs, Dr. Rankin, and Dr. W Rabe. The chief executive officer was Mrs.Firstly, a literature review should not be confused with a book review.

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A literature review is a study that examines academic articles, books and other literary sources such as previously-published dissertation papers and conference notes where these are related to a given issue, theory or research field. This type of review critically evaluates each piece of literature and provides a summary and description of it. The aim is to provide an overview of any significant works that have been published on a particular topic.

Like any primary research, there are four steps to developing a literature review:. Literature reviews can be part of a dissertation or thesis or they can be separate pieces of writing on given topics. In any case, their primary purposes are:. Thank you for fulfilling my writing order in such a timely manner.

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How to Write a Literature Review Getting Started Firstly, a literature review should not be confused with a book review.

Component Parts of a Literature Review Like any primary research, there are four steps to developing a literature review: Identify the problem: What field of study or topic are you examining and what are its main issues? Search for suitable literature: Locate any materials that are relevant to the topic or subject matter being investigated. Evaluate all data: Figure out which pieces of literature contribute significantly to understanding the topic. You should include the following elements in your literature review: Set out the objectives of the review and provide a concise overview of the topic, subject matter, theory or problem being investigated; Categorize the various works of literature you have identified, e.

Consider the following points when assessing each work: How objective is it? Is the viewpoint of the author biased or fair? Does the author consider contrary opinions or do they ignore important information to prove their point.

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What is the provenance of the piece? How qualified is the author? Have they supported their arguments with credible evidence such as historical data, statistics, case studies, the latest research findings, and so on? What is the value of the work? Does their work contribute significantly to understanding the topic? How persuasive is the work? Which theses put forward by the author is most or least credible? Defining Uses and Purposes Literature reviews can be part of a dissertation or thesis or they can be separate pieces of writing on given topics.

Marcus W. Joe B. Please note!David Giffels is on a journey to understand America, and for the Akron-based writer, that starts in Ohio.

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He said he has written so much about Ohio in his career, first as a reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal, then as an author. He was casting about for a new idea. His agent kept telling him that Ohio seemed to be at the center of conversation, politically, culturally and socially with people not really listening to each other.

Driven by people, not politics Giffels stresses this is a book about people. Inas a Beacon Journal columnist, he spent six weeks travelling the state on a similar project. He intentionally did not ask people how they were going to vote. It was almost like they felt they needed to share. The five Ohios Giffels plans to travel to what has been defined as the five Ohios which reflect a cross-section of the country. According to Giffels, all these different parts of the state can tell very different stories.

As one example, Giffels cited J. However, Giffels feels that by humanizing one family the way Vance did, and putting a lot of ideological thought into why his family is the way it is, Vance does a good service to the story.

Giffels feels it also puts out a call for writers to tell their own stories. Does that provide him with a perspective that others from outside might not have? Search Query Show Search. Member Portal. About Us. Show Search Search Query. Play Live Radio. Next Up:.

Available On Air Stations. All Streams. To Understand Ohio. David Giffels went on a journey to understand America, and for the Akron-based writer, that started in Ohio. Giffels, the author of Furnishing Eternity, The Hard Way on Purpose, and All The Way Home, travelled around the state, working on his new book, in the lead-up to the presidential election. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Andrew Meyer.History department faculty members spend a great deal of time outside the classroom working on research projects in their specific fields of interest.

This research directly benefits students and often results in the publication of scholarly articles and books. Virtual History examines many of the most popular historical video games released over the last decade and explores their portrayal of history.

The book looks at the motives and perspectives of game designers and marketers, as well as the societal expectations addressed, through contingency and determinism, economics, the environment, culture, ethnicity, gender, and violence. Approaching videogames as a compelling art form that can simultaneously inform and mislead, the book considers the historical accuracy of videogames, while also exploring how they depict the underlying processes of history and highlighting their strengths as tools for understanding history.

The first survey of the historical content and approach of popular videogames designed with students in mind, it argues that games can depict history and engage players with it in a useful way, encouraging the reader to consider the games they play from a different perspective. Supported by examples and screenshots that contextualize the discussion, Virtual History is a useful resource for students of media and world history as well as those focusing on the portrayal of history through the medium of videogames.

The United States and Israel have long had a 'special relationship'. The US became the first country in the world to recognize the state of Israel inand has been an important ally and benefactor ever since. A critical component of the special relationship is the pro-Israel lobby.

Although the lobby has been a controversial topic in public affairs, it has been widely understudied.

David Giffels Is on a Quest to Understand Ohio

Israel's Armor fills a gap in the existing literature by examining the origins and early history of the Israel lobby, looking at its influence on American foreign policy, and weaving its activities into the diplomatic history of the first generation of the Palestine conflict.

Hixson demonstrates that the Israel lobby from the outset played a crucial role in mobilizing US support for the Zionist state. Across the borderlands of the early American northeast, New England, New France, and Native nations deployed women with surprising frequency to the front lines of wars that determined control of North America.

Far from serving as passive helpmates in a private, domestic sphere, women assumed wartime roles as essential public actors, wielding muskets, hatchets, and makeshift weapons while fighting for their families, communities, and nations. Revealing the fundamental importance of martial womanhood in this era, Gina M.

Martino places borderlands women in a broad context of empire, cultural exchange, violence, and nation building, demonstrating how women's war making was embedded in national and imperial strategies of expansion and resistance.

As Martino shows, women's participation in warfare was not considered transgressive; rather it was integral to traditional gender ideologies of the period, supporting rather than subverting established systems of gender difference.

essay writers akron ohio menu book

In returning these forgotten women to the history of the northeastern borderlands, this study challenges scholars to reconsider the flexibility of gender roles and reveals how women's participation in transatlantic systems of warfare shaped institutions, polities, and ideologies in the early modern period and the centuries that followed.

What remained, along with the tragic injuries and lives lost, was a remarkable array of conflicting interpretations and theories about what happened—and why.

Above the Shots sheds new light on this historic event through the recollections of more than 50 narrators, whose stories are unique and riveting. From the precipitous cultural conflicts of the s to the ever-raging battle over how to remember the Kent State incident, the authors examine how these accounts challenge and deepen our understanding of the shootings, the Vietnam Era, memory, and oral history.

essay writers akron ohio menu book

Spanning five decades, Above the Shots not only chronicles the immediate chain of events that led to the shootings but explores causes and consequences, prevailing conspiracies, and the search for catharsis. It is a narrative assemblage of voices that rise above the rhetoric—above the din—to show how a watershed moment in modern American history continues to speak to us.

A World History of Rubber helps readers understand and form new insights into the social and cultural contexts of global production and consumption from the nineteenth century to the present.

Stephen Harp uses rubber as a lens through which readers can view many key themes and events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including imperialism, industrialization, racism, and inequality.

The book illuminates the complex journey of rubber from plantations in far-flung European colonies, to factories in Midwest America, to products in American homes and abroad. It is divided into five thematic sections: race, migration, and labor; gender on plantations and in factories; demand and everyday consumption; World Wars and nationalism; and resistance and independence.

The story highlights the interrelatedness of our world long before the current era of globalization, as well as the global social inequalities that persist today. With an engaging and accessible narrative that will resonate with students of all levels as well as general readers, this account of a single commodity skillfully ties together the history of many people, places, and ideas the whole world over.

American Foreign Relations: A New Diplomatic History is a compelling narrative history of American foreign policy from the early settlement of North America to the present. In addition to economic and strategic motives, Walter L. Hixson integrates key cultural factors—including race, gender, and religion—into the story of American foreign policy.

He demonstrates how these factors played a vital role in shaping the actions of the United States in world affairs. In one concise volume, American Foreign Relations covers the full sweep of American foreign policy from the colonial period to the present day.

Organized in the late summer ofthe 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry was unprepared for battle a month later, when it entered the fight at Antietam. In the years that followed, the regiment participated in minor skirmishes before surrendering en masse in North Carolina in Rita Frances Dove born August 28, is an American poet and essayist. She is the first African American to have been appointed since the position was created by an act of Congress in from the previous "consultant in poetry" position — Dove also received an appointment as "special consultant in poetry" for the Library of Congress's bicentennial year from to Later, Dove graduated summa cum laude with a B.

Dove taught creative writing at Arizona State University from to She received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Inshe was named United States Poet Laureate [6] by the Librarian of Congressan office she held from to At the age of 40, Dove was the youngest person to hold the position and is the first African American to hold the position since the title was changed to Poet Laureate Robert Hayden had served as the first non-white Consultant in Poetry from toand Gwendolyn Brooks had been the last Consultant in Poetry in — As United States Poet Laureatefor example, she brought together writers to explore the African diaspora through the eyes of its artists.

She led the organization as its president from to From toshe was a senator member of the governing board of the national academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa. From toshe served as a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Dove's work cannot be confined to a specific era or school in contemporary literature; her wide-ranging topics and the precise poetic language with which she captures complex emotions defy easy categorization. Her most famous work to date is Thomas and Beulahpublished by Carnegie-Mellon University Press ina collection of poems loosely based on the lives of her maternal grandparents, for which she received the Pulitzer Prize in Dove has published ten volumes of poetry, a book of short stories Fifth Sunday, a collection of essays The Poet's World, and a novel, Through the Ivory Gate Her Collected Poems — was released by W.

Norton in ; it carries an excerpt from President Barack Obama 's National Medal of Arts commendation on its back cover. She collaborated with composer John Williams on the song cycle Seven for Luck first performance: Boston SymphonyTanglewood, conducted by the composer.

Dove's most ambitious collection of poetry to date, Sonata Mulattica[11] was published in Over its more than pages, it "has the sweep and vivid characters of a novel", as Mark Doty wrote in O, The Oprah Magazine. Poet John Olson commented that "her exclusions are breathtaking". As Dove explained in her foreword and in media interviews, she had originally selected works by Plath, Ginsberg and Brown but these as well as some other poets were left out against her editorial wishes; their contributions had to be removed from print-ready copy at the very last minute because their publisher forbade their inclusion due to a disagreement with Penguin over permission fees.

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